Thursday, February 19, 2009

If we don't start, who else will?

Tomorrow friday 20th February 2009 Cycle Friday Teh Tarik Session!

If you are working in KL or so happen to be around the area, join us for the bike commuters get together.

Date: Friday 20th February 2009
Time: 6pm onwards
Venue: Pelita Restaurant near KLCC/Wisma Central

See you there!


Anonymous said...

InsyaAllah, will come and join to have light dinner. After maghrib we ride and roll...

mohdhaslanr said...

bro zan
for fixies bike, where can we get/buy the fixed sprocket here in klang valley and what kind of crank teeth combination you recommend?

azizan abd aziz said...


My fixie is set up with 42T Crank and 16T Cassette. That is considered entry level and an all rounder. It all depends on how strong is your leg. Maybe you could also try it with your current multiple speed bike to know your suitable combination. Kindly email me for the shop.

kuman turbo said...

alahai... kumpul pukul 6pm laks. aku pukul 6pm baru balik kerja. kalau la kumpul kul 8.30pm boleh la aku join sekali. ride dari Ampang pukul 8pm, pukul 8.30 boleh sampai kat Pelita kot :)
next ride bila laks?? 20/2 dah terlepas.

azizan abd aziz said...

Kuman Turbo

Teh Tarik Session mmg takde group ride. Cuma gathering je. Pada hari jumaat tu, kita jumpa di Pelita lepak pekena teh sebelum kayuh balik rumah. Our next gathering would be this coming friday 13th March. Kalau free datang la. Tak kayuh pun takpe. Group ride saya cuma organise di Shah Alam ahad minggu ke 2 8.30pagi di laman budaya tasik. Next group ride 12th april.