Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fixie on motorbike=it's only RM4

Since I don't like to take my bike with my car, I always have problem joining rides that requires me to come very early in the morning or leaving late at night after the rides. Costing wise, for instance to drive to Putrajaya to join the Putrajaya Critical Mass, it would cost me around RM21.40 i.e RM15 (petrol) and RM6.40 (Toll). If i use my motorbike (Honda EX5), it would cost me only RM2 (petrol) for that trip. So to solve the problem and to save cost, I have designed a simple bike carrier that uses 2 wooden sticks that you can find at your backyard. I just use 6 bungee cords to tie the bike and the DIY carrier which I bought at the night market for only RM4.

Before you start tying the carrier and the bicycle, make sure your motorbike tank is FULL.

It's only RM4 for this 6 bungee cords

Put the 2 wooden sticks across and tie it with 3 bungee cords (indicated by 2 reds and 1 blue bungee cords) to the GIVI motorbike rack

Position the bike slanting across the carrier

Make sure your crank are parallel and tie the chain with string.

Tie the seat tube to the carrier

Tie the handlebar, top tube and downtube with the bungee cord to the GIVI motorbike rack

Tie the wheelset with the bungee cord to the GIVI motorbike rack

Completed view from rear

Completed view from side

Shake the motorbike to ensure that the bike is firmly secured (QC)! To ensure that you will not scratch you bicycle, you need to cover some of the parts that are in contact with the GIVI motorbike rack and DIY carrier.

I know that some people has done something better than my version. But it's okay. At the moment, it's solved my problem. I will try to improve it in the future.