Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 20sen solution!

The most common problem about bike commuting is a flat tire. I just don't know why but it always happen to me. At one time I was replacing 2-3 tubes per week. Whoaa...it's really costly as per tube it cost me RM10...sometimes RM16. So I began to learn on how to patch a tube. A box that has 48 patches inclusive of glue only cost me RM10. So per patch it's only 20 sen. Another thing that you need is the sand paper.

Step 1. Rub and clean tube repair area using the sand paper (make sure the rubbed area is bigger than patch)

Step 2. Apply glue to repair area and allow to dry (Ensure coated area bigger than patch)

Step 3. When the glue is dry, remove foil of patch and stitch down repair area. (When the foil is taken off, don't touch the back of patch with fingers)

Step 4. Pressed hard (I used the pump) on the patch and let it sticks fast.

That's all and it's really a simple process. I will normally do it when I am relaxing at home:-) I know someone that has 18 patches on his tube!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please Respect Cyclists. We are Road User Too

I am always intrigued when I read this statement...Please Respect Cyclists. We
are Road User Too... but...but where are the cyclists? Based on my personal
experience cycling to work, I can hardly see cyclists especially the one
wearing helmet.

If we are riding off road, there won't be any motorised vehicles. So what to
respect? When we are riding on road we will prefer to ride the road less
travel. So again what to respect? Hmmmm....I just wonder maybe this statement is
not applicable in Malaysia. Maybe I can conclude that cycling in Malaysia is
very safe. No wonder we don't need any bicycle lane. I am of the opinion that
if cyclists need more facilities and respect, they need to be more visible.
Please enlighten me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cyclefriday! Teh Tarik session 13th March 2009.

Bike commuting is the best solution towards easing the traffic jams.
Let's cycle to work this coming friday and meet up after work for "Teh Tarik" i.e 6pm onwards at Pelita near KLCC. See you there:-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

It was a good start! Shah Alam Criterium 8 march 2009

It was a good start! 20 cyclists turned up for the 1st official Shah Alam
Criterium Ride. Some cycled all the way from Klang which was about 22km. They
were hungry when they reached Shah Alam and wanted to have breakfast
first...hhmmm..okay, okay...seems everybody agreed so no problem. So it started
a bit late. The ride was a bit disorganised but everybody was happy:-) Till we
meet again for our next ride on the 12th April 2009.

Change of Venue and Time

Effective from next month onwards:

Venue: Laman Budaya, Tasik Shah Alam

Time: 8.30am

Ooopsss...forgot to take photo during the ride...and not that clear as using
mobile phone.