Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please Respect Cyclists. We are Road User Too

I am always intrigued when I read this statement...Please Respect Cyclists. We
are Road User Too... but...but where are the cyclists? Based on my personal
experience cycling to work, I can hardly see cyclists especially the one
wearing helmet.

If we are riding off road, there won't be any motorised vehicles. So what to
respect? When we are riding on road we will prefer to ride the road less
travel. So again what to respect? Hmmmm....I just wonder maybe this statement is
not applicable in Malaysia. Maybe I can conclude that cycling in Malaysia is
very safe. No wonder we don't need any bicycle lane. I am of the opinion that
if cyclists need more facilities and respect, they need to be more visible.
Please enlighten me.


Anonymous said...

salam bro,

this is what organized rides are for... to mark the awareness, to make the presence of cyclists felt... thats why critical masses are importantly done during peak hours, during daylight...


Liz said...

Hi Azizan,
Glad to know there are people who cycle to work. I've been complaining too much about the worsening traffic jams in KL,and decided to actually cycle instead. I bet I'd be happier cycling one hour to work than be stuck in traffic jams (yay! one step to reducing my carbon footprint). Any tips for a first timer?

azizan abd aziz said...


Wsalam bro. Tq for your comment! Agreed. I think so far the awareness is increasing in terms of cyclings as a sports n recreations. We still can't have the critical mass in a daylight and at peak hours as the bike commuters are still very low. That's what cyclefriday is all about. If the existing cyclists could put in effort to cycle to work on every friday or at least on 2nd friday of every month, then we could create an impact on the awareness.

azizan abd aziz said...

Hi Liz

Yay...the Malaysia Cycle Chic:-) For a first timer I would recommend that you familiarise the route that you are travelling. Maybe you could cycle during weekend to identify the best route. Time yourself to see how long does it take you to reach your office. Allow time to cool off yourself. Try to use inner roads if possible, avoid major intersections. You need to think as a cyclist when identifying your route. Remember sometimes you could just push your bike at a junction or carry over it at a road divider.

Anonymous said...

salam bro...

I have actually plotted my route for the teh tarik session... now its just a matter or realising it...

Jalan Athinahapan > Jalan Abang Haji Openg > Jalan Bukit Kiara 1 > Jalan Beringin > Jalan Maarof > Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin > Leboh Pasar Besar > Jalan Raja Chulan > Jalan P Ramlee

any suggestions on a safer route... one of these days I will have to try it out...


azizan abd aziz said...


Wsalam bro

I salute you! Honestly I am not familiar with the route around your area but Leboh Pasar Besar, Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan P.Ramlee is the route that I normally took to Pelita. Should I have the opportunity to try your route, I will let you know. It will be great to have you around for the Teh Tarik Session:-) Don't forget blinkers and headlight.

Angah said...

Kena tulis sini jugak hahaha..

I've started my halfway-cycling-to-office..

20km done in 50 minutes or so. Very slow I know...just wanna enjoy the morning breeze and considering the gear i'm using 33 :19...bleh training cadence beb ehehe

To Liz
Go on girl!!!

mohdhaslanr said...

salam bro
yes i think cycling as a culture shall be promoted... cycling as sport and recreation is gaining popularity nowadays at least i have seen many cyclist during weekend at at nite and they ride in a group especially here in my area shah alam.
cycling to work is still very much non-existent except i have seen a few bunch of factory guy riding to work early morning...i have been cycling to ktm station where i catch ktm komuter to work in kl everyday (approx 10-15 minit riding je) since last february and i find that they are only 4 or 5 guy/gal riding (as i see only 4 or 5 bikes being parked at the station)

Man CIOCC said...

Kudos Angah!
"20km done in 50 minutes or so. Very slow I know..."

Not to worry sista, I did 28km from Bandar Baru Bangi to the heart of KL in 60 min ok. Ride at your own pace. Have at least 1/2 cooling off period or before taking a bath.

Takyah lah aku jadi parrot repeat balik apa yg telah di perkatakan oleh Tn. Azizan Fixie, "Burung kakak tua, inggap di jendela, nenek naik basikal tua, rodanya ada gak dua..."Ha Ha!

azizan abd aziz said...


when there's a will, there's a way.

Mohdhaslanr commuting is still very low among local especially in urban areas. We just need to show to the locals that it's possible to cycle to work.

Unknown said...

My plan to ride to work this morning hampered by morning shower.

While prepared with proper shower and work cloth, having an extra (dry) shoe is something I am not so willing to stuff in my cramped backpack.

Probably I need to rent a space in HQ for items I need upon arrival.

azizan abd aziz said...


I installed a small pannier to stuff my shoes when riding in the rain.

mr genki said...

salam bro,
join la kami group xc klu balik batu pahat..bleh bwk ke tmpt training kami, bumi hijau and bukit satellite..

azizan abd aziz said...

Mr Genki

W'salam. InsyaAllah nanti bila balik bp boleh join. Memang menarik tempat training tu:-)

Addy said...

my experience so far in melaka, siap kena maki and sumpah by other road users. in melaka roads i feel like us cyclists are pests to them. no respect or whatsoever. i dont know how long i can take this, there will be a time when i really be a pest on the road so they wont push me or other cyclists around.

azizan abd aziz said...

Really! My experience riding in KL none so far. On the other hand diaorang yg kena marah ngan aku sebab tak bagi jalan:-) You must look cool. Helmet and lights is a must to earn the respect. I normally ride on the extreme left and will not block other road users way. So far a wonderful experience!