Friday, February 6, 2009

Bicycle Lane...Perceived to be safe?

1. Whenever the topic of bicycling to work being brought up, one of the comments would be "it's too dangerous unless we have bicycle lane". Let's talk about Malaysian environment. Honestly, I haven't been or even ride in Copenhagen or Netherlands or even Japan or other parts of the world, so I can't comment. But will we ever get the Bicycle Lane in Malaysia? I personally think it will be very very unlikely. Even the buses didn't get more bus lanes and now some areas have been scrapped. And it doesn't look like being enforced coz it seems that no one bother to follow the laws.

2. How about motorbike lanes then? The number of accidents are the highest among the motorcyclists but I don't see that many motorbike lanes being built yet. So, you think you can get bicycle lane? Yes, we have bicycle lane in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Putrajaya. But see for yourself the condition especially in Taman Tun and it's not solely dedicated to bicycles.

3 We have a notion and perceived that when we ride in a bicycle lane that we will be safe. We are worry of being struck from behind. Yes the possibility is there but it's rare. It can happen for example if riding unlit at night. Personally, I believe that accidents would be more likely at the following areas:

4. Round About

Always use your hand to indicate the direction that you are going. Motorists can't read your mind!

5. T-junction

Take your time especially when you are turning right.

6. Road under constructions

Normally the road becomes narrow. Be assertive. Claim your space.

7. Motorbike lane at Toll booth

Look back. Maintain eye contact with the motorcyclists. Flag your hand to request motorcyclists to give way to you.

8. Spilt Road

Since I am always riding at the extreme left, I would just sometimes push my bike to the edge of the split road.

9. Maybe we need wider emergency lane but improving your skills at the areas mentioned above is a must.


Erna said...

Was inspired by your blog to buy myself an MTB. Since I work from home, I hardly need to commute so am trying to see if cycling would make more sense.

azizan abd aziz said...


Tq. For sure it will make sense and worth the investment. Besides using it for commuting to work, I also cycle to running errands, meeting up for tea with friends etc. I avoid all those headaches finding parking at chaotic areas like USJ Taipan and Sec 9 Shah Alam.

dino said...


I, like Azizan, choose to run errands by cycling.

My suggestion, if you intend to take up cycling as a sport, you should consider those MTB or road bike, depending to your preference. Otherwise get a commuting bike if you are planning to use it just for running errands.

Less expensive bike attracts less attention in public.