Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My daily commuting route: USJ to Pasar Seni (Central Market)

Excerpt from my post at fakawitribe:

From USJ (use NPE) to KL, I will pass by Summit USJ->follow the round about at Taylor college (follow inner road to Mobil and carry my bike over the drainage at round about)-> Sunway Pyramid till traffic light junction underneath LDP-> turn left towards Kg Lindungan till T junction Kontena Nasional->pass by toll Kg Dato Harun (NPE) till traffic light junction of Jalan Templer-> straight towards Kg Pasir passing by Petaling Komuter Station-> turn left taking the ramp and you will reach Bangsar NPE toll:-) -> Bangsar -> turn right to Bricksfield passing KL Sentral -> straight till Jambatan Sultan Sulaiman traffic light (near KL KTM) -> straight till you reach Central Market:-)

Going back is about the same: Central Market (always d check point) -> Bricksfield -> Bangsar -> follow NPE till I reach Sunway Pyramid (no detour to Kg Pasir, Kg Lindungan) -> Summit USJ.

Hope it can be a reference to all.


Anonymous said...

mind asking abt the route..why didnt u go straight towards the elevated NPE from sway pyramid instead of using the kg lindongan road ?

azizan abd aziz said...

Good question! The traffic from the elevated NPE Sunway Pyramid will merge with traffic coming from Kg Medan/Kg Lindungan once u reach Kg Dato Harun. From 3 lanes become 5 lanes. I was caught in d middle of the highway. Traffic is very busy during the rush hour. That's why I follow Kg Lindungan so that I will be always on the extreme left when the traffic merge at Dato Harun. U need to think as a cyclist when identifying your route.

Anonymous said...

Wow you really cycle all the way! How long does it take you? I wonder if I have the stamina for that!

I was thinking if I could take the LRT to a spot near my office I could do it, but I doubt I can cycle from USJ to KL! Phew!

azizan abd aziz said...

Hi Messy Christian

It took me about 1hr-1hr 15min to reach for that 25km trip to KL. I just ride at a relax pace of 20km/hr. For sure you can have the stamina to do it but you need to train yourself first. For a non athlete like me, it took me about 6 months to be able to do it on a daily basis. The first 3 months was once a week plus all those short distance rides. The subsequent 3 months was on alternate days. I would recommend that you try it out first during weekend or holidays. As I am always on the move, cycling 50km (to and fro) or more is do able. In fact, it's a good workout. Come and join us for the bike commuters Teh Tarik session this friday 16Jan after 6pm at Pelita Restaurant near KLCC/Wisma Central.