Thursday, December 11, 2008

cyclefriday! It's friday, let's cycle to work

Let's make every FRIDAY a cycling day to work! It's doesn't matter wherever you are in Malaysia. Let's make it a healthy lifestyle.

Once a month, after work on 2nd Friday, we meet up for Teh Tarik or Bicycle Talk Session! For KL bike commuters i suggest at Pelita Restaurant near KLCC due to its prayer room facility, easy/safe bicycle parking and free toilet.


Unknown said...

way forward bro!!

najibest said...

count me long as it's not raining :)

Man CIOCC said...
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Man CIOCC said...

One Friday, One Ride,
One Bike, One Nation, One You.

azizan abd aziz said...

yeap! bicycling is the way forward:-)

Tq! You are most welcome.
Hmm...raining...planning to test my rain gear. But not during lighting or thunderstorm la...

great tagline!

Anonymous said...

See you there Bro, a short ride for me...

Yus aka Panahsakti

Khairul Retro said...

I am in Menara Naluri, a newbie, maybe you can share a few tips and tricks. InsyaAllah kalau panjang umur I'll see you there.

azizan abd aziz said...

It doesn't matter short or long distance ride. Most important we have started d ball rolling. Eh get Yusof n Zul join as well. See u there!

Oh....yr office is nearby Pelita! Safety measures based on my personal experience;

1. Try out your route during weekend first coz it's not that busy. Familiarize it. During weekdays, u can't think that much as you need to focus on d traffic. See how long does it takes u to reach yr destination n yr colling down time.

2. Never rush. Relax while cycling

3. Avoid intersection as much as possible and I do push my bike at intersection

4. Use yr hand as signal to turn left or right and i always give Thumb Up to motorist whenever they give way (let them feel good as well:-) After all it's free)

5. Wear helmet n put on yr lights at night. (front for on coming cars n intersection n BRIGHT tail lights. Don't use all those tiny tail lights. Motorist can't see u!! It's better to reduce yr weight than all those grams saved.

Maybe others could share their tips as well.

BC Kelolo said...

Start with Friday...

Then add another day, Monday perhaps?

Then every alternate day.

FINALLY, everyday!!!

Good initiative bro! Hope to see more bicycle on the road.

More bicycle, less motorised vehicle. Less pollution, less jam.

azizan abd aziz said...


Hey you can read my mind! That's right...subsequently it will be everyday and become our lifestyle:-)

Thank you for your support! Let's make it happen. Work within our Circle of Influence rather than our Circle of Concern.

Daoh Darko said...

Bang Azizan,
Great effort. PCM will give support in this ride. My opinion, Bang Azizan, you're a seasoned commuter, (so is BC Kelolo! :D) you should put a post of road safety and how to commute safely in KL.

I'm still afraid cycling in busy roads. Not everyone is as daring as you guys, mind you. Should enlighten cyclists on this matter. :)

Apa2 hal boleh jek... Datang selamba kayuh... Tapi saya kat jauh nun hujung dunia. So tak boleh join la korang. Good luck and all the best!

Afrezal Karim said...

nice bro.. me to.. doing it everyday.. count me in :D

azizan abd aziz said...


Thank you for your support! PCM is an important ride as well to get more people into cycling. Together we all make it bicycling a way of life.

InsyaAllah will post on how to commute safely in kl as well as d safety part:-)

I understand that yr place is far from KL but U can also get together as well for bike commuters in Putrajaya. How about people in Penang, JB? Come on guys...let's make friday a day that we cycle to work.


Great that u are doing it on a daily basis! Share us your route, pics, experience etc..Maybe u can write it in your blog and i can link to it.

Gaban said...

Kalau boleh kayuh g kerja naik beskal macam bro Zizan kita nie....bkn setakat friday je... everyday lagi bagus,
Buat apa beli beskal ribu2 tapi kayuh weekend je.... rugi tu...
for you Bro Zizan Keep on cycle.....coz cycle is joy and healthy.

azizan abd aziz said...

Wsalam Rudon

Boleh je lau kita nak. Tetapi kekadang jarak dr rumah kurang sesuai ke tempat kerja. Mungkin boleh kayuh "half way".

Basikal saya biasa je. Sesuai la tuk buat "commuting". Basikal mahal2 takut hilang pulak. Kekadang pun kat ofis takde tempat "parking" yang sesuai.

Kita mulakan dengan hari jumaat dulu. Yang penting langkah pertama:-) Saya ada terbaca yg mengatakan kalau kayuh selalu tenaga 10tahun lebih mudah dari usia (according to British Medical Association). Tengok la makcik maimon yusof tu (calon bebas). Tk atas sokongan

Anonymous said...

I ride from my house in bukit puchong to pj every wednesday. Friday ada prayer le susah sikit nak kayuh. To and fro dapat le 50km. My route is Batu 14 road and I get into LDP via Giant Bukit Puteri exit and from there I slowly snail to Fed Hiway. I use the emergency lane not the motor lane. The traffic police never stopped me for using it and I always be polite by acknowledging 'em. You'll be surprised that the emergency lane is all yours and with almost 0 threats from speedy motorbikes or cars because they are actually at a crawl. I once used the motorlane and it's dangerous as hell coz they are many and damn fast.

I normally bring my office clothings, towel and etc a day before. Luckily my office has shower and I go for a quick bath when I arrive. I leave house at 6:30 and it takes me about an hour to reach office.

I read somewhere that cyclist is less exposed to health hazard caused by exhaust fumes compared to motorists. I will try to get and post the article for all. Happy Kayuhing!!!

Gaban said...


Good for all that have start cycle to work... i just start my cycle to work pass 2 month ago. im very luck that my work place just around 6km from my home.
I just had 1 unlucky accident last month with a "perodua kembara" that was rushing for trafic light. the car hit me the driver just leave me behind, 2 bad i cant get the plate number for the kembara.lucky i just had some scratches... so you guy be extra careful coz there are some people dont care......

haziq said...

To those who are afraid to cycle with the mentality that the road is dangerous, now is the time for you to take the challenge. Throw ur fear away.

Once u try, then u know how fun it is. Once u on the road, then u'll then know the proper way to commute.

Now is the time, don't wait coz we r left behind. Make Japan as an example. The ladies cycle wearing skirt.

azizan abd aziz said...

Wah...naik Time ya...such an inspiring story...waiting to hear more from you:-)
Read about that in the web as well but can't remember the web address.

Thank you for your reminder. Effective riding skills is important for bike commuters.

Very true indeed! We need to change our mindset.