Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorry for long silence. Will write soon

I have been extremely busy. So can't update my blog for a long time. I will be writing soon.


Unknown said...

haa elok la dah lama dh menyepi nih

Cheong said...


Firstly, congratulation on taking this great initiative to encourage cycling. I have been a roadie for awhile - still active and love it very much. I dont mean to be discouraging with the following remarks but would like to give a reality check to the situation. Here goes....

Unfortunately, cycling in Msia is classified as a hobby rather than a necessity. The reality is prices have been soaring for bikes, parts and maintenance. I don't see it coming down even if more Msians take up cycling as a sport or commute to work.

The hidden cost in cycling is the cost of getting a reasonable spec bike, attire, safety gear and maintaining it (service, parts replacements, safety gear replacement etc).

Bottom line is I am more afraid to walk into a bike shop than a motorbike and / or car workshop. Just compare the price of bicycle chain lube with motorbike or car lubricant (mineral oil) on a per liter basis and you'll see the big difference. You can also compare tyres, safety gear (e.g. helmet) etc.

I am shock with what the bike shops charge for routine maintenance work and what they delivered certainly do not commensurate with the prices. The worst thing is poor service methods deployed accelerated the wear and tear of bike components - "forcing" early replacement of parts.

Note: Some routine maintenance ( e.g. BB service, hub service, headset service, spoke realignment etc need to be sent to bike shops because they have the "skills" and tools to dismantle & reassemble the components.