Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the move-no sweat

If you are confined to being in the office, then what you carry with you when you cycle to work can be very minimum. The most important things would be the spare tube/s, pump, headlight, blinker and maybe your office attire and toiletries. You could also send your week's clothing to your office during weekend and bring it back daily. Provided you have the space! but office shoes
and toiletries shouldn't be a problem.

The challenge would be when you are on the move. Sunny days shouldn't be any problem but how about rainy days? So far I am lucky as whenever it rains, I am always under shelter or at client's place or the rain has just stopped when I am just about to embark on my journey. I will blog later when I am dealing with the situation.

Being on the move requires me to ensure that all the things that I carry are always safe from rain and it's not too heavy to carry over the shoulder. Below are the items that I always carry:

1. Spare Tubes (I always carry 2)
2. Pump
3. Headlight and blinkers
4. Rim tape
5. Tire lever
6. Screw driver
7. Spare batteries
8. Perfume (small bottle body shop)
9. Hair cream
10. Good Morning towel
11. Business Shirt
12. Tie
13. Working documents and stationery
14. PDA
15. Shoe polisher-Cloth type
16. Rain Jacket and pants (Still considering as the bag is full)
17. Slippers ( For rainy days-tied to my mtb rear carrier)

I prefer to travel the bike messenger style. All of the above items are in my Timbuk2 messenger bag (waterproof). I just bought another one Chrome...hehe. Another brand that you can consider would be Crumpler which is available at KLCC. I wear Khaki pants (tights inside as it will dry faster), Dry fit T-shirt and leather shoes (Obermain/Clarks) when cycling to work.

I always reach client's place early. Have teh tarik at "mamak", cool down, clean up with Good Morning towel, put on my business shirt and tie, perfume and hair cream inside the restaurant toilet:-) . I can't perspire and smelly when seeing my clients...k...:-)

Parking is not a problem as I ride a fixie or an old beater chromoly mtb bike. I will just park at the mamak's restaurant or any place that I think that is safe and allowable. Just make sure that I secured it to a railing, pole etc. I don't leave anything behind.

So there you go...on the sweat:-)

p/s: Below are the photos on how you should fold your business shirt so that it won't crumple.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


akmalhizam said...

Thanks for this entry!
I guess our brains have the same wavelength.

I've been drafting (in me head) about the items that I always carry for RTW, and things that make my rides easier.

Been thinking about rain recently too, but no real plans on how to tackle it.

Good tip there on the folding technique.

Share with us photos of your bikes, please.

Anonymous said...

Cool tips bro... syabas... I still need to learn to change tyres efficiently... Ü

for me I have to carry my laptop everyday... but its good... extra weight training... so far RTW... no rain yet... have not been RTW since Jan 16 cos in KL and now India... really miss riding now...

see you soon bro... maybe at this month's pcm ya...


Anonymous said...

stumbled upon this blog while browsing. dunno that there's an RTW community here. what a surprise!

slowly downshifting myself over the years (car > motorcycle > bike) and has been an almost fulltime bike commuter since i was posted to sg besi frm tpg. but currently my niat murni has been put on hold due to work commitments (in Lubnan rite now).

looking forward to the friday teh tarik sessions as soon as i get back! Make that June this year.

Angah said...

Read ur comments n suggestions.. I'm considering using the emergency lane or glenmarie-subang as u suggested.

So I'll be using my mtb then..easier to handle..

I think I'll have my things ready in the office .. so only bring tubes etc during ride...

will recce the route with hubby next weekend.. couldn't wait also..

u should see my husband's face when I told him my plan ehehe..

azizan abd aziz said...


What a coincidence:-) The most difficult part is to decide what to wear when I ride coz I am always on the move. It takes a few trials and errors.

For rainy days, when I am riding my mtb then it's not a problem. I do the motorbike style i.e put on my rain coat and pants and change to slippers. I have 2 small panniers (modified) that I got from a bundle shop. But the problem is when riding fixie as I can't install the rear carrier and it doesn't look cool either....hehe

I learnt the folding technique from an image consultant long time ago.

Just took the photos of my bikes yesterday. I could email to you or been thinking to write article about it...hmmm


TQ. You need to learn how to patch the punctured tubes as well. It's cheaper. But I do it at home.

Cycling and running is like a drug except cycling could take you further.

Just make sure that your laptop is well padded. Looking forward to meet you at this coming PCM:-)

I just initiated it about a month ago. So far it has received positive response but the community is still small. We need to encourage more Malaysians to cycle to work. Hope to see you in June:-)


Should you need assistance just call me. How I wish I could see his reactions...hehe...and maybe your colleagues too:-) All the best!

Taufik said...

Cool idea.
One I will cycle to work. Most of my friend (Depa tak cycle pon), discourage me to do that. This is one of the extreme response form my friend:

"Salam Taufik.
You are doing good as it is... don't overdo it.
Berpada-pada lah.
Jangan taksub sangat.
I STRONGLY advise against it.
You know that I have been in Ortho for over 30 yrs now.
One fatal post-admission cycle injury (national team) many years ago when I was in GH was so horrific... perineopelvic... "macam kena sula".
I do not want to see ... Read Moreyou in Casualty other than as a colleague.
My main concern is M'sian road vehicles & users.. you know yourself lah.
The bicycle is nothing compared to them... "macam picit berteh aje".
Think safety. Think family.
Jazakallah khair."

The issue here is safety.......

azizan abd aziz said...

Dr Taufik

I personally think it's a myth. Accidents can happen anytime anywhere. We can also be bedridden due to critical illness etc. So far my personal experience 95% of the motorist give way to me. Urban cycling requires Effective Riding Skills. Nowadays I'll have problem when I don't cycle to work coz people will ask me "Do you cycle today?":-)

Tipu Tapi Benar (TTB) said...

Adakah tuan mendapatkan beg penghataran Timbuk2 tu secara online atau membelinya di Singapura?

Tahnuah atas dedikasi anda berbasikal untuk ke tempat kerja.

Sejak saya melihat seorang expatriat Eropah berumur 40+ berbasikal ke tempat kerjanya dari Kawasan Ampang ke KLCC, saya merasakan bahawa kita di Malaysia sudah patut berbasikal sepertinya.

PS - Tau tak kedai basikal di sekitar KL yang ada menjual cruiser?

Nak jadikan berbasikal itu satu trend, kita perlu ada pemangkin seperti blog ini :

azizan abd aziz said...


Bag Timbuk2 tu saya beli dari kawan. Cuba check dan tanya. Bagus pergi sendiri ke Singapura sebab kos penghantaran pun agak mahal. Tapi saya lagi suka jenama Chrome sebab weatherproof dan masih lagi made in USA. Jenama lain dibuat di Asia. Cuma Chrome lebih mahal. Harga saya beli RM520 model Citizen. Tetapi saya rasa berbaloi.

Saya prefer Circle of influence strategy untuk menggalakkan org berbasikal ketempat keje dan sebagai satu gaya hidup. Mmg mengharapkan dapat Malaysia dapat jadi macam Copenhagen tapi memerlukan sokongan dari setiap individu untuk menjayakannya.

Saya ada terperasan Cruiser tapi tak ingat di mana. Kalau boleh email ke saya, mana tau kalau terjumpa saya boleh bagi info.