Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How much could you save?

How much could you save when you ride to office?
Let say you ride on every friday and your car petrol is RM10. How about parking charges..Let say RM10. Toll maybe RM2. So the total cost would be:
Petrol RM10 + Parking RM10 + Toll RM2=RM22 per week. Let say you cycle for 50weeks...that would be RM1,100 per annum. How about when you cycle twice a week? That would be RM2,200. That could easily get you another new bike every year! Your bicycle maintenance cost won't be that much since you are just using it for road riding.

How much would the government save on petrol subsidy? Let say 30sen per litre. So for RM10 petrol consumption per person that would be = 5.56 litre per person (RM10/1.80 per litre). So subsidy save per person would be RM1.67. Let say 10,000 people in Malaysia ride to work once a week...that would be RM16,680 (10,000 x RM1.67). So per annum the government would save based on 50week people cycle to work would be RM834,000. How about 100,000 people cycle to work just for once a week? That would be RM8.34 million!

How about the stress caused by the traffic jams? How about better health? How about the environment?

Points to ponder for the begining new year 2009. Hey think no more...Let's just do it! Start with Cycle Friday! If the expatriates can do it, why can't we..


Anonymous said...

CF'09... You have my vote on that!
Come to think of it, in terms of $$, I would save a total of RM283++/wk or about RM1132++/mth!

So far, to prep myself both physically and mentally, I have covered 162km over a 5 day period... Tomorrow I'm headed for home and will start my maiden ride to the office on thursday... its about 10+km... so will cover 20+km/day... which is a good workout by my standard... just need to get used to the sore butt! haha...

Am all excited about it actually... :)

cheers bro... and hope to meet on one of the SA morning rides!

akmalhizam said...

Interesting calculation.
I don't really know how much my petrol costs.
My normal distance to work by car would be about 25km to and fro.
Now I'm targeting RTW at least once a week. Twice if it's a working saturday week.
So far it has been two Tuesdays and two Wednesdays. Plus a few Saturdays.
And man, I love the freshness of early morning at the office.

azizan abd aziz said...


I am excited too! Wow that's a lot that you can save a month. If you put that RM1132 a month into an investment instrument at 8% for the next 20years, you could accumulate RM666,771 !!!

Sore butt...Hmmm...I do experience that as well:-) hope to meet you as well on the SA morning ride.

All the best bro!

azizan abd aziz said...


The calculation is to give an idea how much we could save even for once a week ride to office. Just imagine if we can ride on daily basis! Yeap...The freshness feeling is the best:-)

Anonymous said...

In support of CF... with my maiden RTW...

Distance : 12.8 km
Av. Speed : 15 km/h
Time : 74 mins

$ Saved : > $12 (approx RM28) ka-ching!

apart from the morning school rush hour and the many many traffic lights, it was a leisurely (read : slow) mundane ride... haha... wasn't really timing, nor pushing for speed... but hey... who cares... I rode to work!

1 down. Many more to go. ΓΌ

cheers... ride safe.

haziq said...

bro, date 18 jan, there will be a criterium race at pkns shah alam. MTBs n road bike.

azizan abd aziz said...


Tq for your support.That's a great start! Most importantly u enjoyed the ride:-) I am not fast either just 20km/hr. Put aside the money that u saved and see how much u could accumulate. Btw, what's your office mates reaction?

azizan abd aziz said...


I heard about that. It's okay since I am not joining d race and already made my announcement. We will join as spectators after the ride:-)

Rizal M S said...

I've been doing RTW on and off since 2007. It is such an enjoyable way to get to work. When I was doing that consistently, I lost about 5 kg and manage to keep it off. Never really thought about the economics behind it. Nice blog by the way..

azizan abd aziz said...

Rizal M S

Tq for your comment. Yeah...Killing two birds with one stone:-)