Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watch Out!-The Left Turn Junction

1. I always noted that most motorists did not give signal when they are turning left. Are they trying to save their car battery or they think we can read their mind that they are turning left?

2. So when you are approaching the Left Turn Junction and you want to go STRAIGHT, you need to:

3. Look back.
There are two types of drivers/motorcyclists

4. First type. They will slow down and go behind you and give signal that they are turning left. So you just need to flag your right hand to indicate that you are going straight. I always give thumb up as a gesture of appreciation:-)

5. Second type. They will start moving away a bit and sometimes didn't give signal to turn left. Normally I will just brake and let them go first. Sometimes I will just TURN LEFT to avoid colliding with them.

6. Sometimes I will just stop at the corner and wait till the traffic clears.

7. If there's vehicle coming out from the left turn junction, maintain EYE CONTACT with the driver. Make sure he/she sees you. Flag your left hand to indicate to give way for you to go first. If the driver is not making eye contact with you, just brake and let the vehicle to go first.

maintain eye contact with the driver (grey car) coming out from the junction.

8. Practice defensive riding skills. Always be on alert. Never ever rush. Just relax and enjoy your ride.


Afrezal Karim said...

one more thing to add.. when riding at night.. it is hard to make an eye contact with the thing i always do is flash the light pointing at the driver.. by doin this the driver will be more alert.

haziq said...

12 April?
Hope can join... xpenah join.. now tgh final exam

Ahmad Fairuz B. Abdul Aziz said...

steady ah abang zizan. keep up the good work!

azizan abd aziz said...


TQ for pointing that out. Yeah I did it as well.


Kriterium ride dah diganti dengan Kayuhan Anggerik. So bila free join la.


Tq. Just share my personal experience. Hopefully it could be a reference to other people.